dammeyer sculpture

My work is shaped by a combination of education, life events and artistic influences.

I received an engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati and studied art at Ventura College.  Engineering influences the geometric forms such as triangles, cubes and spheres that are seen in many of my pieces.  Construction and stone masonry experience contribute to design and composition as shown through the integration of different stones into a single piece.  Nature inspires often seen organic and fluid forms.

I take two approaches to my work. At times the stone dictates the final form.  In these cases, I let the natural beauty and color of the stone dominate the piece, using subtle shape and negative space in attempting to enhance what is hidden within.  Other times, a shape or shapes may be imposed upon the stone--form and construction dominating.
I shape each stone using power or hand chisels, further shape using rasps, and polish with ever finer grain sanding materials.  My hands caress the stone many times during the creation of each one-of-a-kind sculpture.  My goal is to generate, in the viewer, an emotional connection with my work.